Update3/ Improved Nixie clock (Desktop & Mobile) added aesthetic 5 swap button and inverted control directions

Mouse view, Zoom w/Mouse wheel (QC controls), convincing glass w/reflections, vert count (41000) optimised, loads faster and looks a lot better now. However, i included a canvas with date and timezone info, which works flawlessly on my PC, but does not show up after uploading to Github. Any ideas?

Added swap button for fiver numerics to swap between aesthetic/original IN14 five as some people prefer a “real” five. Scroll down for second link. Timodriaans Koui menu system used for button. Controls by Quantumcoder. The swap 5 button acts as a toggle and swaps forth and back each time it is pressed.

Valid for phones only: Here the swap button only works in initial zoomed out state. To completely zoom out turn phone from landscape orientation to upright and back. Tap button until the button shows a red outline (might take a couple of tries). Then just tap it again to toggle. As long as its outlined red the button is normally receptive. See screenshot.

Live demo

Live demo swap 5
Load this for adapted control directions. Will adapt the non-swap version with next update.
This version also now shows the additional date and timezone information as seen in the screenshots.
Left the original version without the swap button untouched, for the purists out there.

OK. Compiled it for desktop with full features, but i just tried: It runs on my four year old phone (4GB RAM)

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