VR Demo - Dino

This is the first ever VR demo built with Armory - disregard the (ugly) looks for now! For testing, the scene is fully dynamic with no baking involved. Depending on your project & interactivity goals, it is possible to pre-bake the lighting using Cycles as usual.

Optionally, a new shader generator is involved which cuts the shaders down to a bare minimum. It strips away more advanced features, but is more viable for running VR projects on mobile devices, where resources are constrained and yet VR rendering is very demanding.

Testing on GearVR and Galaxy S7 - when entering VR mode, viewport resolution provided by Samsung Internet is way too low. I am not sure what the culprit is yet, maybe the canvas element is not set up properly. Playing the demo in Oculus Carmel runs much smoother.

Do you have a VR enabled device? Please let me know how the scene renders for you, along with some details about your setup!


Click on the headset icon to enter VR mode. Headset icon will only show up if WebVR is supported on your device. Press touchpad to move forward. Nothing more to it yet. :slight_smile:

Low Poly Raptor courtesy of TowerCG.


Since you have a company you may want to touch base with Microsoft about the Mixed Reality Headsets they have coming out later this year. Dev Hardware is Shipping currently and you stand a good chance to get some great hardware. :slight_smile:



I’m using S7 without GearVR.
For WebVR projects i use standard cardboard headset with Android / iOS.

Waiting for other builds or project source :wink:

@HeadClot Will give it a try, thanks!


Is the WebVR build not working for you at all on Cardboard and Chrome? It should not depend on GearVR. Can you get the ‘headset’ icon to show up?

(It should run on all platforms mentioned at https://webvr.info)


No unfortunately I cannot see the “headset” icon.
I can load the 3D scene and I can only go forward touching the screen.
I see also the address bar ( I would expect go fullscreen in landscape mode).

Are you able to see the “headset” icon without the headset on your S7?
I cannot see the “headset” icon even on iOS® ( tested and working on other WebVR ).

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It’s the same here with an S7. I can’t see the “headset” icon. When I rotate the phone to landscape mode it’s even worse as the image gets stretched. The only thing I can do is touch the screen causing the camera to fly forward…
Anyway. I think it’s pretty cool that you are already working on VR support!
I really love what you have accomplished so far with Armory! It’s so exciting! Keep it up!

@PostPollux thanks for high spirits!

Got some progress and will try to fix cardboard support by next build (at least to get basics running). As I discovered, right now it expects a connected headset like GearVR or Daydream, otherwise WebVR does not kick in. I got the headset icon to show up on my S7 by enabling WebVR in Chrome flags, but it’s no good for cardboard.

It also seems the canvas / resolution problems are related to ‘Samsung Internet’ only. I got it to run from the regular browser found in Oculus Home and it looked quite good (resolution wise), got ‘immersed’. Diving into the worlds created so easily in Blender feels good! :slight_smile:

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could be the WebVR Boilerplate ( Apache License 2.0) by Boris Smus useful for Armory?




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Just tried it with the HTC Vive. It works, but there are two problems:
1 Edges of objects are jagged - don’t know if low resolution or no AA.
2 The tracking is all wonky with severe ghosting / double images when moving

I am so hyped for this :slight_smile: I want to try it myself but unfortunately I couldn’t get build 10 to work - the test to save scene and press play failed, the viewport never changed.


Setup: HTC Vive, Windows 10, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM

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Thanks for testing!

Can you please open a github issue (or DM me here) so we could figure out why it’s not working? (info like console output or checking if it works in separate window(pressing F5), or browser is handy. Windows 10 & that hardware should be perfectly fine :slight_smile:).

I figured it out! What happens is that Armory automatically uses my custom configuration - which is nice! - but in the startup file I have moved the camera and default lamp to the last layer. So Armory never found those and even gave a warning in the console but with a bunch of stuff coming afterwards so I didn’t immediately see it.:sweat_smile: It’s working now! :grin: Will test VR build later…

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@lubos - This might be of interest to you. It costs 200 Dollars USD. I am unsure what the Euro equivalent is. However you will be able to request hardware starting next month :slight_smile:


i wonder if there is way to test it with psvr

What are the headsets that are supported at this time ?
Do the html versions support vr still ? I don’t see the little vr message saying no headset is present like it used to say.
Is there any coverage for controllers, even if only planned ?

Do you think there is a way I can use the Oculus controllers, not necessarily the oculus itself, im trying to setup an interesting interactive setup

More work need to be done to support more controllers i think.

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