When the version comes out

When version 0.7 comes out

Is 0.6 even out yet?

Yep. Version 0.6 came out Feb 18 although it seems that Lubos has been too snowed under to do official release statements. There are community compiled release notes for version 0.6 though.

We don’t have a goal date for the release of 0.7. It was 5 months between the release of 0.5 and 0.6 though, so as a rough estimate, if you assume another 5 months between 0.6 and 0.7, then that would put it at late July.

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Thanks. I had no idea.

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They released a new version 3 days ago with version 2019.5:

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what’s new…?

Good question. It was really tough as a non coder deciphering what had been added for 0.6. Commit descriptions were sparse and far between. I’m also sure that I probably missed quite a few things. I’ll have another shot at it for 2019.05 though.

It would be great if everyone else could chip in with anything that you know has been added or significantly improved…

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New improved Oceans and Clouds(third_person_terrain template):

  • VoxelGI removed, Armory will use pure raytracing in future (github issue thread)
  • Some Logic Node related fixes from @zaethan and @Simonrazer
  • Some Post-process fixes(?)
    and some other bug fixes

I don’t know but if I want to play it with clouds or ocean, then it will close immediately…

Cool beans! Thanks @BlackGoku36! Also, I know there were some new nodes added, like @zaethan’s “Rotate around axis” node and some others.

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