Why it looks like armory isn't very widespread

I have noticed one difference from armory and other realtime/game engines: The demos. Eevee has amazing demos that would look very real when using a path-traced render. Its examples look amazing. Armory on the other hand, has had some excellent photorealistic nature scenes that, while they look pretty good, don’t exectly catch ones’s eye. I’d like to see an armory/eevee comparison like this one comparing unity and unreal:

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Eevee does look good,Sans. Yes,Armory’s voxels do need some work as well as the raytracing.

Well, as for the demo’s it’s not because it’s necessarily something that couldn’t be redone at the same quality if not better in Armory, but the problem is that the user base of Armory capable of creating content of such quality isn’t very big, where as EEVEE’s is more or less as big as Blender’s. The high quality demoes of EEVEE mainly comes from a broader amount of people, whereas it’s mainly Lubos that creates the high quality stuff of Armory. With a bit of patience, I’m sure the amount of high quality stuff from Armory will grow steadily at a faster pace as people begin to be aware of Armory :slight_smile:

No, I ment that eevee’s demos look like they’re straight from cycles, and while srmory is definately capable, nobody is giving good scenes for armory to show off how amazing it is.

My point is that armory isn’t going to be noticed as much because its demos aren’t that cool.

Oh. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I have not tried the latest build of Blender 2.80 yet but I’ve seen lots of good things about it. But you’re right… which is why I’m going to do something about it.

I’ve already made two or three really cool Archviz scenes in Armory (Revit-Blender imports) that looks similar to what can usually be seen in EEVEE demos, although I didn’t really make use of VoxelGI, but instead the textures was just lightmaps baked from Cycles, looked good nonetheless, and from there it’s just a matter of light and color calibration, although in Armory it’s not as realtime yet, so in my projects I used my own small colorgrading addon for Armory (Video / Github / Warning-Add-on-is-broken-now-I-think) to calibrate the the global tone values in realtime.

I should probably upload those archivz scenes at some point, just have to figure out with my previous arch studio whether I’m allowed to without breaking my clients contracts, NDA’s, clausules, etc.

In general, if Voxel GI is too power expensive, baked lightmaps are generally a great solution to still have something look really realistic without requiring top of the line graphics cards in Armory. I remember being blown away by Martin Hedins archviz stuff where he used old archaic BGE and baked lightmaps. Granted, not top of the line by todays standards, it’s still nice considering it’s BGE plus 5-6 years ago. The only downside is that baking textures/lightmaps is a bit of a painful procedure.

But yeah, the more people that tries to make awesome demos in Armory, the better :slight_smile:

Aside from achviz, there’s wasp bot, ember forest, etc. Things that look epic.

Trying to port Wasp bot, but that Armory doesn’t support Box texture mapping is killing it. It is a shame since most of the other stuff seems fine, and for me the Player with VXGI runs smoother than eevee.

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Simply import some Blender scenes and render them in order to compare the result then with Unity and Unreal?

This catches FAR MORE attention, since nearly nobody in the Blender community is interested at game dev, while those two other communitys are.

Guess how many people google for Blender as a game engine?


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^YET. Maybe this is a place to ask for: Most Wanted Features ? :wink:

There is a whole community around the BGE. And even now, after all, i see people creating games and tutorials for the BGE. I also think that Armory has more potential and is more flexible plus the performance is better. Some people might wait until the few kinks are ironed out. But i see a lot potential for virtual visuals in the future! The most BGE user switched to Unity. Some to UE … but don´t forget, there is always a younger audience, too. And Armory is WAY mor intuitive and easier to learn as the big ones.

Another thing is the comparsion thingy. Armory comes already with some Archviz (?) examples and it looks like a render, which you can play in realtime. I do not see a big difference in Quality here. But yeah, a bit more pictures on social media and youtube would be helping to spread. Like the youtubers of this forum already do.

Just my two cents :smiley: Happy armor-y-ng :wink: