[Solved] Replying to somebody’s reply?

How to you reply to somebody’s reply? I hit the reply button on the comment I wanted to reply to ,but it just post to main thread. Here’s what I’m talking about in this thread How to export a file to windows

You can see, I’m suppose to be replying to another reply ,but it doesn’t show it when posted.

@AFWS88 <== Using “@”

You use the @ character, not sure what it’s called. Alternatively you can use the “Quote Whole Post” button, which is the button all the way to the left that looks like a speech bubble

Here is a test…

OK, the quote button doesn’t do like the other thread.


Testing again…

The @(username) does it.

Still running into this issue on this site and now blenderartist.org site. What am I missing? The “@“ did it the one time here ,but that was it.

OK, I see this reply did it ,but not sure why.

Edit 2:
OK, I think I figured this out. I think this happens when you reply to a comment that is not the last comment.