Armory 0.5 is out!

Armory 0.5

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

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Note: Using the built-in updater will not pull in all updates, please get the full package manually from or clone the sdk if you are migrating from 0.4.

Release notes:

Check out full commit logs:


  • 0.5b builds are now up, including lot of fixes from the 0.5 testing period.

  • Both Blender 2.79 and (updated) Blender 2.8 versions are available. Use 2.79 by default, 2.8 is experimental only. 2.8 contains the viewport player.

  • We are now running on Haxe 4! Check out the Haxe release notes at:

  • Kode Studio has been updated! Runs on the latest VS Code. Krom now launches directly from Kode Studio.

  • Krom binary is now 2.8x smaller, single executable with no external dlls / libs. It is using the Chakra engine by default. V8 builds are available on GitHub.

  • Kha / Kore has a new windowing system under the hood. Managing multiple windows per application is easier.

  • Krom window on macOS correctly pops up to the foreground now (thanks poke1024!)

  • Character skinning CPU performance has been improved and consumes less memory now.

  • First work on the raytracing API for Kha is now merged. Runs on Direct3D12, Vulkan support will be added. Hybrid raytracing render-path is in the works for Armory.

  • Related GDC presentation:
  • Tons of improvements pushed to our Direct3D12 / Vulkan / Metal backends. Shader compilation is now more robust.

  • More progress on the Graphics5 API in Kha. This API is designed to take the full advantage of Vulkan / Direct3D12 / Metal APIs.

  • Build system has been improved, now with multi-threaded shader and asset compilation. Depending on the number of processor cores, build times should be significantly faster. Use Armory add-on preferences - Khamake Threads to configure number of threads.


  • Drawing order can be now set in the Armory Render Path panel using the Draw Order property.

  • Blending modes can be manually set for the material now.



  • Self-contained Armory mesh exporter has been updated, useful when using Iron library:

  • Particle Systems are now properly cleaned up on removal.

  • Improved folder structure for published games, all data is now placed in a single folder.

  • More fixes to mesh batching and level-of-detail features.

  • Initial support for handling big world coordinates, currently behind the arm_centerworld flag. Will be enabled by default in the future.

  • Bezier interpolation for object actions has been implemented.

  • Iron has more code docs now (thanks kenthinson!)

  • Math module has been reworked for more performance.

  • Improved CPU performance when performing draw dispatch in the render path.

  • When switching scenes, voxel volume is now properly updated (voxelao/gi).

  • Improved performance for C/C++ targets, Armory asset parser will load data into classes through @:structInit.

  • Unwrap type can now be set in the Armory Bake tools.


  • Warning will be shown on wrong logic node connection.

  • Warning will be shown on missing UV coords / vertex colors.

  • Warning will be shown when trait script file is not found.

  • Save on Build option is off by default now.

  • Bundle and Icon can now be specified in Armory Exporter.


  • Logic nodes will no longer throw exception when receiving null input.

  • Look At logic node has been added.

  • Deg to Rad and Rad to Deg logic nodes has been added.

  • New Debug Console - contains log viewer, scripting, render-path inspector, profiler and resource watcher.

  • Added a new Array Slice and Array Splice nodes.

  • Added a new Contains String node.

  • Get Child node allows to specify object name search type.


  • Pausing / resetting physics world is fixed.

  • More fixes on the mobile browser compatibility.

  • Removing item in the Armory Lod panel also removes the generated lod mesh now.

  • Fixes to the Mapping, Hue/Saturation, UV Map material nodes.

  • More vertex displacement fixes (displacement can by driven by vertex color now).

  • Reduced shadow artifacts when using tessellation.

  • Updated exporter with preparations for shape keys support.

  • Added support for Tangent material node.

  • Color Ramp material node now works properly, handles multiple color stops and interpolation modes.

  • Armory Updater will now properly print a message once the update is completed.

  • Armory Updater now also handles updating Krom binaries.

  • Blending has been fixed for the forward render path.

  • Fixed TAA artifacts when coupled with displacement.

  • Added a new Switch logic node (thanks devination!)

  • Initial support for Vector Curves and RGB Curves material nodes

  • Math logic node has been updated with newly added functions.

  • Added a new Set Particle Speed logic node.

  • UI Scale property set in Armory add-on preferences will now also affect Debug Console.

  • Fixed soft-body physics compilation for C++ targets.

  • Improved handling of linked materials.

  • Added new Set Light Color and Set Light Strength logic nodes.

  • Local Armory SDK setup is now possible. Build system can generate relative paths. This lets you have a fully self-contained and portable project setup:

  • Added support for Backfacing socket in the Geometry material node.

  • Armory now takes Properties - Scene - Rigid Body World - Solver Iterations into account.

  • Check out the new logic node tutorials by Armory, Blender, Game!

Explore repositories on GitHub:

Hunt all the bugs, help Armory reach 1.0:

Next up:

Armory 0.5 marks a gigantic step for the engine with tons of challenges resolved and continued performance upgrades. The focus of 0.6 will be fixing graphics features, adding new ones like the Light Probe support and improving graphics performance.

We are also close to run Krom on Android, which will let us run Armory projects on Android straight from Blender in matter of seconds. :slightly_smiling_face:

And of course the continued bug fixing - the road to 0.6 begins! :bug:


Yeah!!! Finally!!!:sunglasses:

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booooooom AweSome!!!

Great! I am busy with other stuff these weeks, will come back to test it more!

Wow! lots of awesome new features! Keep up the great work!

What happen to World Creator Tool?? did not hear anything about it.Would be awesome to hear about that…

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Please consider improving the integration of physics engines into Armory for the next versions.

Just bought it! And hoping for a FSM animator design interface in the future.

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WOW!!! Good job!! I can’t believe all of the amazing stuff that you are doing! Keep up the good work!

Oh man, this is great stuff!! Thank you!

I suggest improving AI by adding Hierarchical Finite State Machines.
Then, in the Navmesh, Steering Behaviours and Jump Points.

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